Amend a Page or Post – as per Rascal

The new BOCUS web site is more interactive using the power of WordPress. Even though  mostBrothers and Captives cannot make changes to the site, they can leave comments, make suggestions or download information. Each U.S .Table has designated a Scribe or an individual who has the authority to post news about their Table, make changes to their roster or update the calendar. All contributed articles and comments are screened by the Administrators before posting on the site. The following is a step-by-step guide explaining how to post to the BOCUS website.


The tabs across the top of the page get you to different pages on the website. There are also sub-menus eg, PUBLICATIONS will also bring up NEWSLETTERS, THE GUIDE etc. The Home page is the default page that appears when the site first opens on your device (phone, tablet or PC). The back button on your browser will always bring you back to the previously viewed page.
Home Twenty SixteenBelow the banner is the main announcement area (center left) organized by date of posting, the most recent entry on the top. You may scroll down to view older posts. Brothers and Captives have the capability to post comments for each post by clicking on the “Leave a Reply” button. This button will open a new page displaying the event about which you are posting a comment. Answer the questions in the required fields marked with an *. Note that this is for security so that the Administrator knows you are not a spammer. Your email address is kept confidential. All Comments must be approved by the Administrator before posting to the site.


The menu on the right is a search engine capable of searching by Category or by Tags (CATEGORY are TABLES and TAGS are KEYWORDS) under which the post was named. If you enter your email address in the box provided, you will be notified of new posts.


As mentioned earlier the Contributor or “Author” is a Scribe selected by each Table with the authority to post announcements and calendar events about their Table on the site as well as to update the roster. In order to do this, the Author needs sign in on the LOGIN page (last tab on the right) and enter a user name and password.

The Username is assigned to you and cannot be changed. The Password is initially assigned to you by the Administrator but can be changed through the “Profile” tab. In order to prevent Span and Viruses, we strongly recommend that you do not change your password.


You may have to enter your Username and Password twice depending on your browser to gain entry.
After you enter, the “Dashboard” is the first page you see. On the upper right hand corner of the page the words “Howdy Scribe?? (your Table) and a picture (if one was included in your profile) appear. Below are two tabs: “Screen Options” which, once opened, will allow you to turn on and off certain aspects of the page. First thing I did was to turn off the WordPress News. Who cares about Matt’s ex-girlfriend anyway.



To the right of “Screen Option” second tab is one called “Help” I suggest you open it to learn more about the “Dashboard”.


Once you have familiarized yourself with the Dashboard you will be able to add new posts and pages to your own Table section. When writing a new post, make sure to define the CATEGORY that relates to your post. CATEGORY are TABLES and TAGS are KEYWORDS. Use only one category per post. You can add TAGS to further define your post.


WordPress is a more interactive website made up of ready-made components featuring fixed themes – sometimes it can get quirky. For example, all pages have the top menu for navigation and clicking on the banner always brings you back to the home page – there is no changing that. The login page does not have that feature and there is no changing that as well. The Calendar has issues we have not yet been able to solve. However when you weigh the cost versus what it can do for us, it’s a pretty good choice. The ability to create a site that is interactive and easily updated by each Table brings BOCUS into a new era of cyber communications.

Official Support

We would like to thank Robert Coles, AKA Big Hopper, for his dedication and hard work on this project. We are constantly improving the website and welcome comments.

Big Hopper - Web Master
Big Hopper – Web Master

5 thoughts on “Amend a Page or Post – as per Rascal”

  1. Brother
    Although I receive notifications from BOCUS I have tried to reset my password to no avail – the site tells me that there is no user registered with that email address.

    Can you help me get reset?


    Mark Eller
    AKA El Maestro
    Chesapeake Bay table – 707

  2. Web Master,

    I am Jim Bailey, aka “Goose”. I am the Table Scribe for the Solomons Table in the Chesapeake. Clearly, it has been several years since our site was updated. I would like to rectify this. We don’t know who the current account owner is, but I would like to have it reassigned to myself. Can you help in this regard?

    Thanks so much,


    1. Brother Goose,

      Sorry – I can not help on this. Your site is not hosted where BOCUS is – you have to find out where it is hosted, call them and see if you can gain access. Who designed the site? If you can track that down, you might be able to get the access codes.


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