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Le Cannonier
Vincent Werbrouck visits NY

The recent North East blizzard denied this verses, but the NY Table was still able to welcome our Belgian brother Vincent Webrouck aka”Cannonier” and his captive Wivine, from the table of Brussels. After a double transatlantic crossing, he sails out of Toulon, France.


*****  Another story was related to us by Brise Galets, from the FB page which  accurately traces what is our Brotherhood. I’ll breach copyrights regulation for our Brothers who do not follow social media…

Brotherhood of the Coast-Chesapeake Bay Table

12 hrs ·

Today I experienced what is the true meaning and exceptional about The Brotherhood of the Coast in general and the Chesapeake Bay in particular. Due to an ongoing serious illness I am currently unable to clean and attend to maintenance requirements on Pounce.

This morning in high winds, heavy snow and rain, 9 brothers: Capt. Upwind,(Peter Dennant), Capt. Country Boy (Michael Monteith), Viajero (John Martin),El Calbucano (Tom Smith), Floater (Eric Matherne). Tortuga (Peter Briggs), Bui (John Williams), Tinker (David Holmes), and El Maestro (Mark Eller) came aboard Pounce at Hampton Yacht Club and began work. They changed the oil in both engines and the generator, made list of additional items to be taken care of, brought necessary supplies to perform these tasks and removed trash and cleaned up after themselves.

Also, Brothers unable to attend, have provided much needed moral support as well as Brothers from other Tables.

I cannot thank everyone enough and I am truly blessed to be a member of the Brotherhood of the Coast.

Capt. Pilot

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