Updated HELP page

An updated HELP to Post

The HELP page is available in the top menu. Written for each table’s scribe and website updater, it should remain a static page. But the “announcement” here created is basically a post. Be sure to visit this page as Big Hopper will give a brief presentation about the web site at the Tybee Zaf’s Captains meeting. Scribes are wholeheartedly invited to attend.

A Scribe at his PC
Actively involved in blogging

This post was concurrently created with the Help page itself. There is a PowerPoint presentation “bocus-intro.ppt” we have uploaded and linked to. An Acrobat file is available at bocus-intro.pdf

A separate procedure is coming soon, for easy upload of Tortuga Posts and First Watches, as these documents are presented as a sequentially dated multi-choice list.

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