Virtual Zaf in New York.
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New York Brothers usually meet at each other’s homes on a monthly basis. Recently, this has not been safe or feasible. We turned to technology to continue our tradition virtually and even increase the frequency of our Zafs.  We had two Zoom test sessions, inviting an increasing number of participants. 

The first ZoomZaf started with some hiccups – and not from too many Orzas … some of us had no mic or video… but could still participate. It ended up being such a successful break from our isolation that we decided to make it a weekly event. Every Saturday evening at 6 p.m.

“Baggywrinkle” has been waiting for three weeks for Amazon to deliver a camera. He was so eager to virtually embrace the Brothers that Elaine and he drove 40 miles to fetch a legacy piece of equipment Robert had used in Windows 7. (Elaine traded for it with some home-sewn face masks … but why bother when I have Norton antivirus software? Ha ha.) We spent an hour on the phone trying to install the correct video driver. No luck… they had to participate in the ZoomZaf with audio only. We’re hoping for next time.

Our latest Zaf on April 18 included Show and Tell stories about our confined activities: repair of polyethylene water tanks, construction of a bottle wall, major mask production for charities and friends, musings about the effects of isolation on introvert and extrovert personality types, work on jazzy piano techniques, increasing working hours in hospital administration, studying Spanish, sorting family archive pictures, sailboat re-powering, electronic rice-cooker repair and prepping for a hilarious skit for us.  Maximum number of participants is 10, we hope for more. We were happy to have our St.Augustine-Florida branch join in also. Baggy Wrinkle polka was most entertaining. <-Click to enjoy!

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