Tybee Island Pictures, New York Engage

We are all relieved  Matthew did not cause too much damage to our coast. Many trees fell and major utilities are still not re-established.
Enjoy three new posts : Savannah pictures, New York FlashZaf and SagZaf…  You can now insert a comment on each individual image.
Reminder to all scribes: Big Hopper is available to hold your hand while  updating your table calendar!
Happy and safe Columbus Day!

Polish Brother’s Visit and News from Traveling U.S. Brothers.

Greenwich Mid Week Zaf While the sun rays of summer painted our wake gold and spread silver glitter on the waves, the New York table held a mid-week Zaf in Greenwich, CT.  Twenty four attendees made this an almost record turnout. Nice way to welcome special Polish guests Jerzy Demetraki-Pleolog (Flag #28) and his shipmate Anna. Sparks will drive them down south for multiple visits including the Solomons table. Stay tuned; this blog will follow their journey.
It was also with great pleasure that we “reconnected” with Mindaugas  (Paul and Dawn Gudelis) who sailed their Malo 36 “Bubu” to St. Augustine, the Bahamas, Cuba and back to Stamford.

Let’s take this opportunity to highlight Preston ans Sherry’s Great Loop voyage on their new powercat… They blog on http://www.getjealous.com/sherryandpreston


Updated HELP page

An updated HELP to Post

The HELP page is available in the top menu. Written for each table’s scribe and website updater, it should remain a static page. But the “announcement” here created is basically a post. Be sure to visit this page as Big Hopper will give a brief presentation about the web site at the Tybee Zaf’s Captains meeting. Scribes are wholeheartedly invited to attend.

A Scribe at his PC
Actively involved in blogging

This post was concurrently created with the Help page itself. There is a PowerPoint presentation “bocus-intro.ppt” we have uploaded and linked to. An Acrobat file is available at bocus-intro.pdf

A separate procedure is coming soon, for easy upload of Tortuga Posts and First Watches, as these documents are presented as a sequentially dated multi-choice list.

Let’s have a WordZaf!

Wordcamp attendee misses the Little Pirates !

From Philadelphia, attending a WordPress web software “camp” and enhancing bocus.org, to enable communication between tables and Brothers, I really benefit from 1880 attendees who rapidly become friends and share the same enthusiasm and sense of sharing. Very Brotherly, I must say!
I miss  the Zaf, but I hope some of you will post news and pictures as the Little Pirates parade. Brothers contributors to the site – usually the scribes –  who are too far from their main PC to login and write though the “Dashboard”, please enjoy the Postit feature! It enables you to post via e-mail to the email address I did communicate to each table in my last eblast. In case you forgot it, feel free to call me (516) 672 3776. For spam reasons, I can not write it here!
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Website News Nov 15

Through social media, we learned that Papy Jovial is sold. We now can officially wish Brise-Galets fair winds on his quest for a river boat and his subsequent European inland water explorations. Let’s also recognize and make good use of his work on the international roster: Have you updated your profile yet?

Brise-Galts post in FB and the BOCLIST login screen
Brise-Galets post in FB and the BOCLIST login screen

On this side of the Atlantic, we are working hard on BOCUS.ORG. Continue reading “Website News Nov 15”

News from the WordPress Camp in NYC

You can now email a post to this blog.

Sunday November 1… 12:00

It is working. You can now email a post to this blog.
No need to access the confusing wordpress dashboard, although technically oriented Brothers are more than welcome to use it. Your post will end in a “PENDING” folder on the website and we will have to approve it to publish it. We hope not to get too much spam and have to manually remove multiple emails every day. Please, send us news, photos and feedback! Comment to this post to ask for the procedure!

Friday October 30… 16:00

Having recognized that the “Dashboard” interface is uneasy to use for
each table’s scribe to post news about their ZAF, we are testing new
ways to write posts directly from their usual email system.
– BigHopper-

WordPress NYC Contributors Daypostie-media38
Note: 95 programmers in a room… very exciting!