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fb-salomonThe lighthouse is a screw pile design, these were unique to the Chesapeake Bay in the era of manned lighthouses. The best known is Thomas Point Light just south of Annapolis.This particular one is the Drum Point Light that used to be located at the mouth of the Patuxent River (Solomons) and the Bay. It is now ashore and a signature attraction at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons.

The newest table in the United States Brotherhood of the Coast is now 2 years old and it has been a great voyage thus far. Plenty of ports have been visited and many Brothers from other tables have visited our waters. All that came as a Brother left as a life long friend and are welcome to moor in our harbor anytime.

Some of the highlights were a raftup with the Chesapeake Table in June, Brothers from 5 Tables were in attendance. Lots of food and drink, good stories, good friends, equal good memories. A crab feast in August at Brother Easy’s house hosted by Easy and Capt. Go Go; the event also included what we hope will be an annual event — the first “St Johns Creek Crab Derby”.

In October some Brothers from the Chesapeake Table were cruising the Bay and were invited to moor in our harbor for some libations and to replenish provisions before continuing their voyage. While we were having some vittles and grog we had a ceremony to officially introduce two engages, John Simpson and Dennis Lawson; our visiting Brothers helped us show some true Brotherhood to our new engages, along with helping us with the burden of having too much rum!

In November Captain Marcus and other Brothers from the Norwegian table were in Baltimore with the Stadtsrad Lehmkuhl and as always were most gracious hosts; after some on-board social time and a few Orzas we had dinner at one of Charm City’s finest and soon found out how Marcus got his nickname (Shanty Man)! A couple of our Brothers attended the New York Zaf and several are looking at doing the Sydney Zaf.

The true meaning of this faternity becomes clearer with every new face, every handshake or hug, love of the sea is the common bond. It doesn’t take long to see that it goes further then that — these folks were hand picked by the Brothers before them and are some of the finest people anyone will ever meet. Simple Sailors they are, and I think I can speak for my Brothers and say we are proud to be a part of it.

The Solomons Island Table invites all traveling Brothers to stop by and see us, and we wish you warm breezes, following seas and a cargo hold of Rum .

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  1. Great comments about your Table and I enjoyed your update. You and your Brothers have truly captured what the Brotherhood is all about. Great to have you aboard

    Don Peterson
    Big Dog

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