New York Table

CAPTAIN:  Jane Protzman                                            New York Logo

PURSER: Tony Olmer

NY Table Brothers from the beginning

NY Brother # 87 Wen Chow, an American Hero

NY Brother # 90 Andre Galerne

NY Brother # 98 Olin Stephens video “Simply Brilliant”

3 thoughts on “New York Table”

  1. Hi, Jane,
    did we meet, on 4th July, 1986 ? I was on the Chilean sail training ship, Esmeralda.
    I just discovered your lovely obituary of Erika Eberhardt, whom I met that day along with the Brotherhood. We went out to lunch at a lovely Lebanese restaurant taken there by a charming gentleman, whose name I have now forgotten. I hesitate to use the word “old” given how much I have aged in the meantime, but he seemed old to me, but sprightly.
    I had a wonderful week in NY and still remember much of it, although my photographs are somewhere up in the attic. I definitely have one of Erika in that hat.
    I sailed from Portsmouth many times, and still do, past her father’s shop, so I was often reminded of her and my visit to NY.
    Anyway, it was sad to find out that Erika has passed away, but I am happy as well that she managed to fit so much into her life.
    I also like your book, not least because Coleridge is such a great painter of ideas. You have certainly taken advantage of global travel.
    Any way, best wishes

  2. Hi Mark, i am one and the same. i certainly remember the Zieres. We are the same old Brotherhood group. i htink i would be the only person from your time still around. Scott Smith died of pancreatic cancer in 1992. I kept Gannet for a few years and sailed her but it became too much for me, and she was getting on in years too. She was sold to a professor at SUNY Maritime. i don’t know where she is anymore. Too sad to think about. She was a wonderful boat and took us over many ocean miles in great comfort and style.
    The Brotherhood is greatly expanded, far beyond what George and Scotty would have realized. i guess you have veiwed the website and can see all the US Tables and foreign activities. Are you still sailing? JungleJane

  3. Ahoy!, Capt. Jane!
    From a swab of the Voltaire. Where I sailed under the Capt. George and First Mate Marie (Wheezy) Zieres.
    Would ya be the same Jane once affectionately known to all as Jungle Jane? Would ya have once crewed with a Capt. Scotty aboard the Gannet?
    Then we have drank at the same table many, many a year ago.

    Ha, ha! I was just wondering if it could be the same BOC group I once knew in my youth on L.I.
    And wondering what may have become of You, Scotty and the Gannet.

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