September Winds

September news / Dorian damages in the Bahamas / Web site rehash

Hurricane Dorian shellacked the Bahamas. There are 16 Brothers out there and at least one Best Mate who owns a second residence there., “Per Save” is the Captain of the Bahamas table and his home apparently was destroyed along with much of the other island.  The Man O War island community after the destruction of Hurricane Dorian needs the generous outreach and support from all of our worldwide friends, colleagues, and families. 

The biggest and most immediate impact you can have right now to help rebuild the island infrastructure is through a monetary contribution to the PERC 501(c)(3) or GoFundMe accounts set up through this link: marked for the “Man-O-War Relief Fund”.

Josh Whetzel. (412) 952-3941

There are plenty of news available on Facebook at

The site was moved to a much larger server that should provide way shorter response time. ( = FASTER ) Some brothers still experience difficulties to open items in the menu. I am still investigating. I suggest as a first strategy to clear your browser cache. Help is here

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