Albert Seidl

Albett Seidl; a Brother, an Artist, a Sailor, a great Husband and Father.

Albert Seidel, slipped his cable on May 3, and is now sailing the sea of eternity.

The Savannah Table is greatly saddened by Albert’s passing, but we all are grateful for our time with him, and his dedication to the Brotherhood.  Albert has stood out as the essence of what the Fraternity is all about.  His ship, his home, and his heart were always open and welcoming to his Brotherhood family. His stories, and stories about him, will be told into the future.  Today we see him at the helm of his beloved his Barkentine, a twinkle in his eye, and his broad smile in place, heading to the four points of the compass with a fair wind constantly at his back.
Sail on Brother Dokwaes, sail on high. Our deepest sympathy to Alise, and his family.
Adapted from J. H. Byrne, . Hamrick, J. D’Alusio, Sherry and Preston Carraway.

Albert Seidl

Alise does not plan a memorial or celebration for Albert at this time.  Family has recently visited and is home in their various countries.  However, Alise wants all of Albert’s friends to know that at a future date there will be a proper Pirate Celebration of Albert’s life and exploits. 

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