Savannah: September 22, 2016

Savannah Zaf and Captains Meeting. Sorry for the delay: I included lots of pictures and gallery features which need to be tested. There are even animated GIF images and (very bad) videos. Feel free to add feedback at the bottom of this post!

American Legion – Registration
( For the Geeks: Gallery in the Tiled Mosaic format )

Captain Meeting at the Savannah YC
( For the Geeks: Gallery in the Thumbnail Grid format )

Islands evening
( For the Geeks: Gallery in the Thumbnail Grid format )

Tybee beach: Bring your own Kite
( For the Geeks: Gallery in the Square Tiles format )

And an animated GIF…Patience: it has to load…



Battle Dress Evening
Slide Show Format

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Breakfast at the Community Center



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