Rumline-Larry T. Jones sails away.

Lawrence (Larry) T. Jones , 88, passed away March 24, 2014, the day after spending his last birthday with his son and grandson. He was born March 23, 1926 in New York,
to David and Virginia Jones. He served in the US Navy and US Coast Guard during WWII and Korean Conflict. He worked for Shell Oil for 43 years and was a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Jean M. Jones, 85, passed away April 23, 2014. She was born on December 21, 1928 in Mount Vernon, New York. Jean was a loving and dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother. She loved the theater and sailing. She was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Rockport, Texas.

Larry (Rumline) and his Captive Jean were very active and instrumental in starting Brotherhood of the Coast Tables in Florida and Texas. Larry proudly flew his #155 BOC flag in 5 different tables. He was a past Captain of Corpus Christi Table.

Larry and Jean were always together and passed less than a month apart. They will be missed by all that were lucky enough to have known them.


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