NY252 in Papeete

To end a long delivery from Galapagos to Tahiti, NY brother Big Hopper was invited by the Tahiti table. Surprisingly, Fidget ( Steve Wolfson) and his captive from the Houston table were with them on their Hans Christian 48 “Li Ward”. The table reunites every Thurdsay evenings at the marina Taina à Punaauia.  Some of the brothers drove a very long way from the peninsula “Tahiti Iti” to join the welcoming party.

Tahiti-20150507_185927On the picture are standing Quille de Joie, Marcgyver, PaulSud, Big Hopper.
Sitting:  La Frégate, Fidjet, Cap Gibraltar.
Heavily involved in some sort of naval architecture topic were Archipel and PaulSud.

A Belgian in the Society Islands
A Belgian in the Society Islands ?

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