NY252 in Papeete

To end a long delivery from Galapagos to Tahiti, NY brother Big Hopper was invited by the Tahiti table. Surprisingly, Fidget ( Steve Wolfson) and his captive from the Houston table were with them on their Hans Christian 48 “Li Ward”. The table reunites every Thurdsay evenings at the marina Taina à Punaauia.  Some of the brothers drove a very long way from the peninsula “Tahiti Iti” to join the welcoming party.

Tahiti-20150507_185927On the picture are standing Quille de Joie, Marcgyver, PaulSud, Big Hopper.
Sitting:  La Frégate, Fidjet, Cap Gibraltar.
Heavily involved in some sort of naval architecture topic were Archipel and PaulSud.

A Belgian in the Society Islands
A Belgian in the Society Islands ?

L’Hermione, La Frégate de la liberté

Historic Revolutionary War-replica ship sets sail for U.S.
A French ship, the 32-gun frigate “Hermione,” is expected to set sail later today from Western France to the United States. The “Hermione” is a full scale replica of the 18th century warship that carried the Marquis de Lafayette back to General George Washington and the American Revolution in 1780. CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips reports from Rochefort, France on how this all came to be.
It’s a replica of what may be one of the most important and the most forgotten ships in U.S. naval history. And in a way, it’s coming home.
The original sailing frigate, Hermione, left port in France in 1780, carrying the best friend the American Revolution ever had to Boston.
Hermoine photo 01

The Marquis de Lafayette was a French aristocrat and sympathizer with the upstart colonies, who served in George Washington’s army and who secured vital French support for the then flagging revolutionary cause.
Hermione’s trip 235 years ago brought Lafayette back to the colonies with news that the French were sending men and ships to help fight the British. Now the replica Hermione is making the same trip.
As recreations of history go, the new Hermione is a spectacular example. Over 200 feet long, with 16,000 square feet of sail, she’s been built using the same materials and a lot of the same methods as the original. It took money from both sides of the Atlantic to fund the project, not to mention 17 years and the wood from 3,000 oak trees to build her.
Back in the age of sail, it took 250 people to handle a ship like this. The modern version gets by with just 80 — most of them volunteers
The original Hermione is now known as Freedom’s frigate. Without her and without Lafayette and the French support he secured, history could have been a lot different. This replica is a reminder that will be hard to miss.

Corpus Christi Feb Boucan

As their vessels were on the hard for the winter months, the Brothers of the Corpus Christi table took time to bolster the armaments of the table.

Swords were purloined for every Brother in the table. Emblazoned on the swords is “Brotherhood of The Coast” on one side and the Brother’s nom de guerre with his flag number on the other.

The Brothers were presented with their swords at the February Boucan at Brother Knot head’s home.

Feb Boucan

For his lengthy (eight years and counting) and meritorious service, Table Captain Lost Louie was presented with a print “En Garde” by Albert Seidl, which was signed by all Brothers of the table. Feb Boucan

The February Boucan at Brother Knot head’s home.

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Dear Brothers:
We have reserved 10 rooms at the Verdanza Hotel in Isla Verde, a short drive from the airport, historic Old San Juan, and walking distance from a Isla Verde Beach.  This area also offers a concentration of many 5 star hotels with a lush nightlife, spectacular restaurants and shows.  Additionally, tours to the rain forest, the Bacardi Rum Factory, and Old San Juan will be available.
0905-288-puerto-rico-flagDocument also available on BOC+SJ+ZAF+Botella+128DRAFT+229

POINT OF CONTACT:  Brother Watiki-   (787) 300-1600
Lodging:  Special Rate from  30 July  2015 to 1 de August 2015:  $119.00 per night. (The hotel has promised us to extend this special rate for those arriving earlier or leaving at a later date)
Additional Lodging Costs:   Third and fourth adult per room:  $25.00
Taxes:  14% per night depending on the number of  guests staying per room.
Bellman Charges:  $4.00 per person (one time charge)
Maid Charge:         $1.00 per person, per room per night.
Bottom line: The cost for two gests per night will ascend to: $141.36


First Caribbean Zafarrancho, 1 August 2015:  Dinner, Dance, live tropical music, (Combat Uniform).   $50.00 per person.

-Cost  of Taxi transportation form the airport to hotel: $12.00 per trip
-Cost of transportation from hotel to Old San Juan, (TBD, depending on participation but estimated in $12.00 t0 20.00 per person)  Please see the agenda below for preliminary tour costs.
-If schedule allows, and space is available, brothers will be able to host the transportation from the airport to the hotel and to Old San Juan.


30 July 2015-  Arrival, Welcome Free Ice Breaker Cocktail at Verdanza Hotel 2100

31 July 2015-  BOC USA Captains Assembly, Verdanza Hotel 0900-1200

31 July 2015-   Old San Juan hangout, follow us into 500 years of history in an afternoon
exploration and a treasure dinner in a local restaurant in the Old City (Cost of dinner between $20 and $30 per person)

1 August 2015- (0900-1600) Optional Tours: Tour Bacardi Rum Factory (May be Free except transportation), frolic at Isla Verde Beach (Free),  1//2 day  Rain Forest Tour  ($50.00 to $60.00), Historical Old San Juan 1:20 PM  to 6:30 PM ($61.00)

1August 2015- (1900) – First Caribbean Zafarrancho at the Verdanza Hotel ($50.00 per person)

2 August 2015-  Check out for those leaving and we will coordinate other local activities for those staying.

Cagliari – Swiss Lake Zaf

This promises to be a special event for any one who can get to Sardinia in May, 2015… JJ
I remind you that the end of the month is the last time for booking the V° International Zafarrancho of the Lakes in Cagliari – Sardinia May 1->3, 2015
Fraternally –


CN: Cesare Lucini Via San salvatore 6 6900 PARADISO (CH)
Tel. (+41 91) 993 34 20  Tel. Prof. (+41 91) 993 34 63 Mobile (+41 76) 393 34 63

Paris- Some souvenirs from the France’s ZAF – September 2014

It seems there is no official depository of photographs nor account of the formidable ZAF on the River Seine. However, these can be of some interest.
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Looks so official!
Looks so official!

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I’ll be happy to amend this post to include direct links to any photo album .

Jack Goodrich passes away.

Jack Goodrich - Pilot
Jack Goodrich – Pilot


Jack Goodrich was inducted into the BOC in December 2000. He was a Viet Nam veteran and served in the Navy as an officer. He was a initially a carrier pilot, and later transferred as a skipper of a “swift boat” of the riverine force based near the MeKong Delta. After returning to the states and being discharged, he went into banking from which he retired.

In retirement he lived on northern Long Boat Key,FL and greatly enjoyed sail boating, until the last several years when he sold the sailboat and obtained a 21′ Center Console. He was married for almost three decades to Peggy Arnett Goodrich, who preceded him in death in 2010. Jack struggled with illness over the last several years of his life, but that did not keep him from enjoying his friends, family, and dog Sailor. He leaves a son John of San Diego, CA, and a daughter Johanna of Kensington, MD. Jack was 74 at the time of his passing.