Pacific/South America/US East Coast Zoom Zaf

The New York Table has been enjoying Saturday night “Zoom Zafs” for several weeks now. Recently these Zafs were attended by guests from other U.S. tables. On May 3, the New York Table and Orza from the Chesapeake were thrilled to join New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and New Caledonia at 12:00 Sunday Canberra time – 22:00 Saturday EST.
Our Chilean engagé Andres proudly recited the Octalog in Spanish. ORZA!


Virtual Zaf in New York.
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New York Brothers usually meet at each other’s homes on a monthly basis. Recently, this has not been safe or feasible. We turned to technology to continue our tradition virtually and even increase the frequency of our Zafs.  We had two Zoom test sessions, inviting an increasing number of participants. 

The first ZoomZaf started with some hiccups – and not from too many Orzas … some of us had no mic or video… but could still participate. It ended up being such a successful break from our isolation that we decided to make it a weekly event. Every Saturday evening at 6 p.m.

“Baggywrinkle” has been waiting for three weeks for Amazon to deliver a camera. He was so eager to virtually embrace the Brothers that Elaine and he drove 40 miles to fetch a legacy piece of equipment Robert had used in Windows 7. (Elaine traded for it with some home-sewn face masks … but why bother when I have Norton antivirus software? Ha ha.) We spent an hour on the phone trying to install the correct video driver. No luck… they had to participate in the ZoomZaf with audio only. We’re hoping for next time.

Our latest Zaf on April 18 included Show and Tell stories about our confined activities: repair of polyethylene water tanks, construction of a bottle wall, major mask production for charities and friends, musings about the effects of isolation on introvert and extrovert personality types, work on jazzy piano techniques, increasing working hours in hospital administration, studying Spanish, sorting family archive pictures, sailboat re-powering, electronic rice-cooker repair and prepping for a hilarious skit for us.  Maximum number of participants is 10, we hope for more. We were happy to have our St.Augustine-Florida branch join in also. Baggy Wrinkle polka was most entertaining. <-Click to enjoy!

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September Winds

September news / Dorian damages in the Bahamas / Web site rehash

Hurricane Dorian shellacked the Bahamas. There are 16 Brothers out there and at least one Best Mate who owns a second residence there., “Per Save” is the Captain of the Bahamas table and his home apparently was destroyed along with much of the other island.  The Man O War island community after the destruction of Hurricane Dorian needs the generous outreach and support from all of our worldwide friends, colleagues, and families. 

The biggest and most immediate impact you can have right now to help rebuild the island infrastructure is through a monetary contribution to the PERC 501(c)(3) or GoFundMe accounts set up through this link: marked for the “Man-O-War Relief Fund”.

Josh Whetzel. (412) 952-3941

There are plenty of news available on Facebook at

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Albert Seidl

Albett Seidl; a Brother, an Artist, a Sailor, a great Husband and Father.

Albert Seidel, slipped his cable on May 3, and is now sailing the sea of eternity.

The Savannah Table is greatly saddened by Albert’s passing, but we all are grateful for our time with him, and his dedication to the Brotherhood.  Albert has stood out as the essence of what the Fraternity is all about.  His ship, his home, and his heart were always open and welcoming to his Brotherhood family. His stories, and stories about him, will be told into the future.  Today we see him at the helm of his beloved his Barkentine, a twinkle in his eye, and his broad smile in place, heading to the four points of the compass with a fair wind constantly at his back.
Sail on Brother Dokwaes, sail on high. Our deepest sympathy to Alise, and his family.
Adapted from J. H. Byrne, . Hamrick, J. D’Alusio, Sherry and Preston Carraway.

Albert Seidl

Alise does not plan a memorial or celebration for Albert at this time.  Family has recently visited and is home in their various countries.  However, Alise wants all of Albert’s friends to know that at a future date there will be a proper Pirate Celebration of Albert’s life and exploits. 

August 2019 Zaf in New York

Do not forget to register for the NYC Zaf in August 2019

Many photos have been uploaded on Google Drive. Anyone with the link can view the album

NYC Zaf 2019 Invitation

It appears that some Brothers were not aware of the April 1st deadline for the National Zaf in New York this August. Therefore we are extending the deadline to April 15th for registration. We look forward to seeing our Brothers for our Big Apple Party!

August 16 through 18, 2019 Join your brothers and celebrate BOCUS 60th anniversary, concurrently with NY Table’s 40th anniversary.

Invitation to Poland

Poland is marking year 2018 as a time to celebrate 100 Years Anniversary of  its rebirth as an independent state.
BOC invitation to ZLOT 5 . Our Polish Brothers would very much appreciate to get your well-considered notification soon – certainly not later than end of March 2018 

2018 Captains Meeting

Thursday August 16 – Early arrival reception at the Drum Point Lighthouse
Friday August 17 – Daily activities on the Island followed by dinner at the Calvert Marine Museum (pending availability) or Solomons Yacht Club.
Saturday August 18 – Captains meeting and Castle Downs Crab Races, Full summer battle dress attire.
Sunday August 19 – Farewell breakfast at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center



Thank you Brise Galets for the BOC List

New Boclist access

In line with the decision made by SECOIN, and with immediate effect, Brise-Galets will hand over to brother Americo a.k.a. Jorge Sapiains the management of the Boclist, which  today contains 3700 contacts, having started in 1992 with 18 contacts. He wishes to thank all of the brothers who helped him along the way with what turned out to be a very long and tedious process. He wishes brother Americo to make good progress toward what would be the ultimate goal of a worldwide Brotherhood roster.
Orza to all of you !!!
An official note about this transfer of assignments appears in the newest Tortuga Post #94. You can access TTP#94 on the official, worldwide publication, hosted by This site is pretty secured and you can access it with your username and password. Please visit it often and update your Brother’s info!

As per TTP#94 : Quote: Because this Secretariat is in charge of a Chilean, it implies that Chile must assume the costs of the exercise and therefore SECOIN adopts the existing web with a new design, hosting and Big Hopper tried to log in, unsuccessfully. Please follow this blog for more info. Unquote

All comments are more than welcome! Especially updates on how to proceed in the future.


Worth mentioning: Ocean Day Today

Ocean Day Celebration







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2018 Captains meeting and Tortuga Post 92

Tortuga Post TTP92-march2018 has the incorrect dates for the 2018 US BOC Assembly of Captains in the Solomons.

Please note that the current March 2018 edition of Tortuga Post TTP92-march2018 has the incorrect dates for the 2018 US BOC Assembly of Captains. ( Thank you J.  and S…)
The correct dates are:

  • Thursday August 16 – Early arrival reception at the Drum Point Lighthouse
  • Friday August 17 – Daily activities on the Island followed by dinner at the Calvert Marine Museum (pending availability) or Solomons Yacht Club.
  • Saturday August 18 – Captains meeting and Castle Downs Crab Races, Full summer pirate attire.
  • Sunday August 19 – Farewell breakfast at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center

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You have to enter your e-mail address and the password. Had you forgotten this pw, it will be reinstated very easily by just retyping your email address, where the updated password will be sent.
The same website also present the worldwide roster. It also enables each Brother to update his/her own information.


Mundial Uruguay Zaf 2018

Start saving $$ or airline miles for this International Zaf in Montevideo, April 8 through 15,  2018. It is a good opportunity to see a country that is not on the usual tourist circuit. Some of us were there in 2006 prior to a Zaf in Buenos Aires; it promises to be quite special.