News from the WordPress Camp in NYC

You can now email a post to this blog.

Sunday November 1… 12:00

It is working. You can now email a post to this blog.
No need to access the confusing wordpress dashboard, although technically oriented Brothers are more than welcome to use it. Your post will end in a “PENDING” folder on the website and we will have to approve it to publish it. We hope not to get too much spam and have to manually remove multiple emails every day. Please, send us news, photos and feedback! Comment to this post to ask for the procedure!

Friday October 30… 16:00

Having recognized that the “Dashboard” interface is uneasy to use for
each table’s scribe to post news about their ZAF, we are testing new
ways to write posts directly from their usual email system.
– BigHopper-

WordPress NYC Contributors Daypostie-media38
Note: 95 programmers in a room… very exciting!

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