Let’s have a WordZaf!

Wordcamp attendee misses the Little Pirates !

From Philadelphia, attending a WordPress web software “camp” and enhancing bocus.org, to enable communication between tables and Brothers, I really benefit from 1880 attendees who rapidly become friends and share the same enthusiasm and sense of sharing. Very Brotherly, I must say!
I miss  the Zaf, but I hope some of you will post news and pictures as the Little Pirates parade. Brothers contributors to the site – usually the scribes –  who are too far from their main PC to login and write though the “Dashboard”, please enjoy the Postit feature! It enables you to post via e-mail to the email address I did communicate to each table in my last eblast. In case you forgot it, feel free to call me (516) 672 3776. For spam reasons, I can not write it here!

While traveling on the bus back to the Big Apple, I am trying to update this post and give more techie news!… Photos are of course uploaded from my office!
These are of two kinds: single media, and gallery…

WordPress is really creating an open-source community where sharing is the motto. I had to chuckle at the sight of these supposedly serious programmers and propeller heads were standing in line for swags and goodies. No shame, I have to admit I enjoyed grabbing:
a nice synthetic sweater hoodie, a baby PJ ( for a friend …) one official Pinnemouche ski hat, some 12 logo-T-Shirts, the fantastic double-liner heats, a series of super handy, pocket size jog-note-pad… I passed the stress reducing squeeze balls and figurines. I passed the pens, mouse pads and phone charger modules. I left can coolers, candies and sun-glasses.
I was looking for warm scarfs or cool ascots or bow ties. Nope! I took snapped a “future” collectable: a heavy medal commemorating this successful WordCamp US. I remember how popular old badges, insignias and emblems were at boy scout jamboree swaps. I guess WordPress community is working to create such a youthful fun but sharing community.

So, what’s new?
* The BOCUS landing page sometimes took up to 8 seconds to load. We now bypass this legacy “feature”. All information such as links, photos, and static pages are available via the top menu row.
* Rascal had designed the beautiful logo that appears on to of every page. As artistic as it was, it took up to 35% of screen real estate, especially on mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. I took the liberty to make it smaller. Please end me feedback vis the “Comments” feature at the bottom of this post.
* Out theme is one of the most used in the world! WordPress actually powers more than 25% of all web sites in the world ( i.e. NY Times, Smithsonian,…) And about 15% of them use the “Twenty Twelve” theme which is already 4 years old! Light years in the web scape.
We will transition to a more modern, faster “TwentySixteen” look soon, without changing the features we are already used to see on our screens. TwentySixteen accommodates YouTube video, is responsive to I-Phones and Slack (Chat). These widgets will only be activated on BOCUS if there is a need for it.
* Other enhancements will be custom excerpts on the posts. Right now, we can insert a “— Read More ” separator on the landing page posts so as not to have to scroll long pieces of news before finding older items. Just Click on the separator to open the full post page.
* We will have the capability to dynamically rotate landing pages images. Who does not want that?

  • WordCamp Europe will take place on June 24, 26 in Vienna, Austria. Let’s Yoddle and OrzWaltz!

* Pictures are now “smushed” and compressed. They will load way faster on these portable devices.
* PHP7 was announced this week. The latest version of WordPress will benefit of its faster processing on the server side.
* The new WordPress is increasing its use of Java Script and REACT.
* Use GITHUB for “project management” : specific “version control” for BOCUS and participation to every brother and captives who want to speech techie 🙂
* Create an on-line database environment Flexi-DB for future possible use ( WorldZaf 2019 Registration… ? )
* Tighten security via SECURI, especially if implementing databases

In almost every city in the USA, there is a WordPress Meetup Group you can join and learn the platform. Just Google “Meetup WordPress” and the city you are looking for. We are researching. The URL and meeting location appear in a non-exhausting list that will be accessed in the “WordPress” menu.
We will also create a series of short YouTube video to familiarize scribes with the specific features implemented in BOCUS.ORG. Topics to be covered include:
* WordPress and interactive website for a decentralized organization such as BOCUS: multiple contributors with different roles, capabilities and security and access to the Dashboard
* Create a simple post via e-mail / Postit – Simple images ?
* Create a Post via Login to the Dashboard
* Uploading Media, modify thumbnails, title,description, create Galleries and Albums
* Include Media, or Albums in the post: via the Dashboard
* How to involve users, grow subscribers base especially in a non-cohesive environment ( regions, age, languages, culture, technical appeal )

* Change the “Category” term for Table”





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