From the heart:

“The Brotherhood of the Coast is a highly disorganized loosely organized group of people who are bound by love of the sea and a sense of friendship.”
This definition has been presented By Brise-Galets A.K.A. Bernard Lefevre and is without question the simplest most direct definition describing our fraternity as we know it today. In my attempt to define what it means to be a Brother of the Coast I would like to revise Brise-Galets definition as follows: “The Brotherhood of the Coast is a group of lovers of the sea dedicated to supporting each other without prejudice , bound by friendship, compassion and love, governed by the Octalog“.

Even though it may appear so to the average individual, I do not think that the Brotherhood of the Coast is disorganized. In my view it is in fact highly organized. Our Tables are run like ships. We hold regular meetings. We organize large functions. We travel overseas and many of us sail across oceans – all quite organized indeed. To be a Brother of the Coast means something very special. It means that your flag will be recognized the world over by other Brothers of the Coast and that you will be given harbor wherever you go in accordance with the Octalog. It means unconditional support, compassion, and love. Those Brothers who have had the good fortune to meet voyaging Brothers will attest to the fact that language barriers are quickly broken by the universal language of the Brotherhood of the Coast.
When we talk about going to a Zafarrancho outside our bay we often talk about perceived value; what do I get for my money? is often asked. To me the answer is simple – you get much more than what money can buy – you get the friendship and love of Brothers from other bays who came to see you and be with you and share their experiences and their love of the sea. How can you put a price on that?
In 2006 ,we were together in Argentina. This was the perfect opportunity to get together with Brothers from other bays and speak the language of the Brotherhood of the Coast.It was followed by a worldwide 2010 Zaf in Sidney, Australia, 2014 Zaf in France,  2018 in Uruguay.

The next worldwide Zaf is scheduled to take place in 2022 in Texas, USA

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