1. Execute with respect the orders of the Captain as if they were those of your Spiritual father or your older Brother.

2. Never bear arms or attack with bad words the Brothers of the same Bay or those of the Littoral.

3. Receive in your boat the Brother who visits you; offer him the food from your table and the best hammock in your cabin.

4. As you treat your Brethren so will you be treated and the Captain will celebrate your fraternity, or will punish you.

5. Do not envy the ship of your Brother, nor his sails, nor his motor.

6. Bring the Brother without harbor to your bay, and should he own no other riches than his heart, take him aboard your yacht and consider him as your Brother.

7. Do not be conceited or violent; if you are,you will cause your Brethren to keep away from you, and you will be quarantined with your plague.

8. Love of the Sea must be the cult of your days; make sacrifices for her and observe her laws.