August 2019 Zaf in New York

Do not forget to register for the NYC Zaf in August 2019

It appears that some Brothers were not aware of the April 1st deadline for the National Zaf in New York this August. Therefore we are extending the deadline to April 15th for registration. We look forward to seeing our Brothers for our Big Apple Party!

Don’t forget about it! Register here.

Thank you Brise Galets for the BOC List

New Boclist access

In line with the decision made by SECOIN, and with immediate effect, Brise-Galets will hand over to brother Americo a.k.a. Jorge Sapiains the management of the Boclist, which  today contains 3700 contacts, having started in 1992 with 18 contacts. He wishes to thank all of the brothers who helped him along the way with what turned out to be a very long and tedious process. He wishes brother Americo to make good progress toward what would be the ultimate goal of a worldwide Brotherhood roster.
Orza to all of you !!!
An official note about this transfer of assignments appears in the newest Tortuga Post #94. You can access TTP#94 on the official, worldwide publication, hosted by This site is pretty secured and you can access it with your username and password. Please visit it often and update your Brother’s info!

As per TTP#94 : Quote: Because this Secretariat is in charge of a Chilean, it implies that Chile must assume the costs of the exercise and therefore SECOIN adopts the existing web with a new design, hosting and Big Hopper tried to log in, unsuccessfully. Please follow this blog for more info. Unquote

All comments are more than welcome! Especially updates on how to proceed in the future.


Worth mentioning: Ocean Day Today

Ocean Day Celebration







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2018 Captains meeting and Tortuga Post 92

Tortuga Post TTP92-march2018 has the incorrect dates for the 2018 US BOC Assembly of Captains in the Solomons.

Please note that the current March 2018 edition of Tortuga Post TTP92-march2018 has the incorrect dates for the 2018 US BOC Assembly of Captains. ( Thank you J.  and S…)
The correct dates are:

  • Thursday August 16 – Early arrival reception at the Drum Point Lighthouse
  • Friday August 17 – Daily activities on the Island followed by dinner at the Calvert Marine Museum (pending availability) or Solomons Yacht Club.
  • Saturday August 18 – Captains meeting and Castle Downs Crab Races, Full summer pirate attire.
  • Sunday August 19 – Farewell breakfast at the Holiday Inn and Conference Center

Just a reminder… Brise Galets is still assiduously managing the distribution of our world wide newsletter, the famous “Tortuga Post”.  Its publication is usually announced by e-mail. If you miss it, all are available on
You have to enter your e-mail address and the password. Had you forgotten this pw, it will be reinstated very easily by just retyping your email address, where the updated password will be sent.
The same website also present the worldwide roster. It also enables each Brother to update his/her own information.



Brother Squegee now sails on serene seas, bow bearing to eternity.

John(Jay) Howard was born in Mount Vernon, New York on August 2, 1941.  Jay was a resident of City Island, New York for the past 59 years.

Jay is survived by his wife, Norma, and his brothers, Ed, Robert, and George of City Island, and their children: Edward, Lucille, Michelle, Robert, Cassidy and Russell.Jay is also survived by his two sons with his first wife, Maureen Kortleven; John, daughter-in-law Kimberly, and grandson Kingston, and Peter, daughter-in-law Carrie, and grandchildren Bryce and Laurel.

Jay was a major force in City Island Community Projects, Outreach, and Service and was an active member of Trinity United Methodist Church.

He was a true “Man of the People”, and inspired everyone with his kindness, selflessness, humor, and genuine interest in the human spirit; especially the young, the vulnerable, the needy, and the ordinary.  Jay made everyone he knew feel like the most important person in the world.

Jay lit up a room with his infectious personality and laughter. He was never one to deny anyone a moment of his time, or safe harbor for the needy.  He always appeared to take great pleasure in helping others.

Jay Howard achieved public recognition for his service with teens through his “Living Rocks” Project, and was an inspiration to young and old alike.

Squegee in Sag Harbor, September 2016


Squegee in Sag Harbor’s Whaling Museum, September 2016









A memorial service for Jay will be held Saturday,  November 4, 11 a.m. at the Trinity Methodist Church, corner of City Island Avenue and Bay Street. (113 Bay, 10464). It will be followed by a reception in the church hall.

The family requests that in lieu of flowers a contribution be made in Jay’s memory. The NY Brotherhood will do so when there is more information about the creation of a fund honoring Jay’s enormous contributions to the youth of City Island.
Sadly, Jungle Jane



***** New look: In order to comply with the requests of Brothers who do not follow FB and other social media, we slightly altered our”splash” screen. The home page is more static. The top menu presents access to this blog and new posts by clicking the NEWS option. A recap of the most recent news and blogs appear in the right column, above the events.
Enjoy and write comments!
*****  Uruguay 2018 Mundial Zaf is filling rapidly and rumors sailed to us that there will be a maximum of 400 participants. Hoist your spinnakers and arrange to register !
*****  Spring is another occasion for laboring men to go sailing…so wrote Hesiod in the Homeric Poems .

Le Cannonier
Vincent Werbrouck visits NY

The recent North East blizzard denied this verses, but the NY Table was still able to welcome our Belgian brother Vincent Webrouck aka”Cannonier” and his captive Wivine, from the table of Brussels. After a double transatlantic crossing, he sails out of Toulon, France.


*****  Another story was related to us by Brise Galets, from the FB page which  accurately traces what is our Brotherhood. I’ll breach copyrights regulation for our Brothers who do not follow social media…

Brotherhood of the Coast-Chesapeake Bay Table

12 hrs ·

Today I experienced what is the true meaning and exceptional about The Brotherhood of the Coast in general and the Chesapeake Bay in particular. Due to an ongoing serious illness I am currently unable to clean and attend to maintenance requirements on Pounce.

This morning in high winds, heavy snow and rain, 9 brothers: Capt. Upwind,(Peter Dennant), Capt. Country Boy (Michael Monteith), Viajero (John Martin),El Calbucano (Tom Smith), Floater (Eric Matherne). Tortuga (Peter Briggs), Bui (John Williams), Tinker (David Holmes), and El Maestro (Mark Eller) came aboard Pounce at Hampton Yacht Club and began work. They changed the oil in both engines and the generator, made list of additional items to be taken care of, brought necessary supplies to perform these tasks and removed trash and cleaned up after themselves.

Also, Brothers unable to attend, have provided much needed moral support as well as Brothers from other Tables.

I cannot thank everyone enough and I am truly blessed to be a member of the Brotherhood of the Coast.

Capt. Pilot

Trailer trash in April and Captains meeting in June

Check the calendar for these events!
Trailer Trash Invitation: TRAILER_TRASH17
Registration : Trailer_Trash_Registration17

Followed by the annual bash – Great ships parade in Norfolk:

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Peruse the elegant invitation: Chesapeake Bay_Zafarrancho_2017

Major new events events in the calendar

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* Our Houston brother “Chaser” just posted a teaser invite for the Boom & BBQ Zaf in Houston Texas, July 21st– 23rd.
* Our national Captain “Orza” dispatches the last Tortuga Post (TTP87) in English language which describes the Mundial Zafarancho 2018.

Don’t hesitate to post your table’s calendar..  Peruse the Help page if needed!

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Tybee Island Pictures, New York Engage

We are all relieved  Matthew did not cause too much damage to our coast. Many trees fell and major utilities are still not re-established.
Enjoy three new posts : Savannah pictures, New York FlashZaf and SagZaf…  You can now insert a comment on each individual image.
Reminder to all scribes: Big Hopper is available to hold your hand while  updating your table calendar!
Happy and safe Columbus Day!