NYC Zaf 2019 Invitation

August 16 through 18, 2019 Join your brothers and celebrate NY Table’s 60th anniversary


Marco from Chile visits New York

Marcos Apablaza, from the Nao Conception, Chile, visited Brothers in New York February 22nd while in the USA on vacation. Rising to the occasion, the NY Brothers organized a “Flash ZAF” at a Latin American restaurant in NYC for a wonderful “get acquainted” lunch. Afterwards NY Brother Jay (Squeegee) Howard, who has hung out (literally) on many landmark NY buildings, took us on an impromptu tour of Grand Central Station.

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Be sheer chance, Budweiser was hosting a new beverage roll-out party and not to turn down free drinks, we took advantage to show Marco a “only in NYC” moment, as captured in the video below:

Robert Coles, one of the more reserved NY Brothers, went “ball swimming” – check out the video! Only in NYC!

20th Anniversary Bavaria Table May 5th through 8th, 2016

German table burgees
German table burgees

Attached, the official invitation for in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Regensburg. Soon to be posted in the calendar…
This is in WORD format: please leave a comment if you need it in PDF.

Gary and Helene Buckingham Flash Zaf

Garry and Helene Buckingham from the Guernsey table visit New York at the tail end of their two and a half year,  18000 miles journey through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji , and North America. Before ending the trip with  a big bang on the Queen Mary towards Southampton, they give the New York table a New Year’s Orza! Thanks to Kathleen for hosting this short notice Flash Zaf!