September Winds

September news / Dorian damages in the Bahamas / Web site rehash

Hurricane Dorian shellacked the Bahamas. There are 16 Brothers out there and at least one Best Mate who owns a second residence there., “Per Save” is the Captain of the Bahamas table and his home apparently was destroyed along with much of the other island.  The Man O War island community after the destruction of Hurricane Dorian needs the generous outreach and support from all of our worldwide friends, colleagues, and families. 

The biggest and most immediate impact you can have right now to help rebuild the island infrastructure is through a monetary contribution to the PERC 501(c)(3) or GoFundMe accounts set up through this link: marked for the “Man-O-War Relief Fund”.

Josh Whetzel. (412) 952-3941

There are plenty of news available on Facebook at

The site was moved to a much larger server that should provide way shorter response time. ( = FASTER ) Some brothers still experience difficulties to open items in the menu. I am still investigating. I suggest as a first strategy to clear your browser cache. Help is here

Thank you Brise Galets for the BOC List

New Boclist access

In line with the decision made by SECOIN, and with immediate effect, Brise-Galets will hand over to brother Americo a.k.a. Jorge Sapiains the management of the Boclist, which  today contains 3700 contacts, having started in 1992 with 18 contacts. He wishes to thank all of the brothers who helped him along the way with what turned out to be a very long and tedious process. He wishes brother Americo to make good progress toward what would be the ultimate goal of a worldwide Brotherhood roster.
Orza to all of you !!!
An official note about this transfer of assignments appears in the newest Tortuga Post #94. You can access TTP#94 on the official, worldwide publication, hosted by This site is pretty secured and you can access it with your username and password. Please visit it often and update your Brother’s info!

As per TTP#94 : Quote: Because this Secretariat is in charge of a Chilean, it implies that Chile must assume the costs of the exercise and therefore SECOIN adopts the existing web with a new design, hosting and Big Hopper tried to log in, unsuccessfully. Please follow this blog for more info. Unquote

All comments are more than welcome! Especially updates on how to proceed in the future.


Updated HELP page

An updated HELP to Post

The HELP page is available in the top menu. Written for each table’s scribe and website updater, it should remain a static page. But the “announcement” here created is basically a post. Be sure to visit this page as Big Hopper will give a brief presentation about the web site at the Tybee Zaf’s Captains meeting. Scribes are wholeheartedly invited to attend.

A Scribe at his PC
Actively involved in blogging

This post was concurrently created with the Help page itself. There is a PowerPoint presentation “bocus-intro.ppt” we have uploaded and linked to. An Acrobat file is available at bocus-intro.pdf

A separate procedure is coming soon, for easy upload of Tortuga Posts and First Watches, as these documents are presented as a sequentially dated multi-choice list.

Let’s have a WordZaf!

Wordcamp attendee misses the Little Pirates !

From Philadelphia, attending a WordPress web software “camp” and enhancing, to enable communication between tables and Brothers, I really benefit from 1880 attendees who rapidly become friends and share the same enthusiasm and sense of sharing. Very Brotherly, I must say!
I miss  the Zaf, but I hope some of you will post news and pictures as the Little Pirates parade. Brothers contributors to the site – usually the scribes –  who are too far from their main PC to login and write though the “Dashboard”, please enjoy the Postit feature! It enables you to post via e-mail to the email address I did communicate to each table in my last eblast. In case you forgot it, feel free to call me (516) 672 3776. For spam reasons, I can not write it here!
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News from the WordPress Camp in NYC

You can now email a post to this blog.

Sunday November 1… 12:00

It is working. You can now email a post to this blog.
No need to access the confusing wordpress dashboard, although technically oriented Brothers are more than welcome to use it. Your post will end in a “PENDING” folder on the website and we will have to approve it to publish it. We hope not to get too much spam and have to manually remove multiple emails every day. Please, send us news, photos and feedback! Comment to this post to ask for the procedure!

Friday October 30… 16:00

Having recognized that the “Dashboard” interface is uneasy to use for
each table’s scribe to post news about their ZAF, we are testing new
ways to write posts directly from their usual email system.
– BigHopper-

WordPress NYC Contributors Daypostie-media38
Note: 95 programmers in a room… very exciting!