Thank you Brise Galets for the BOC List

New Boclist access

In line with the decision made by SECOIN, and with immediate effect, Brise-Galets will hand over to brother Americo a.k.a. Jorge Sapiains the management of the Boclist, which  today contains 3700 contacts, having started in 1992 with 18 contacts. He wishes to thank all of the brothers who helped him along the way with what turned out to be a very long and tedious process. He wishes brother Americo to make good progress toward what would be the ultimate goal of a worldwide Brotherhood roster.
Orza to all of you !!!
An official note about this transfer of assignments appears in the newest Tortuga Post #94. You can access TTP#94 on the official, worldwide publication, hosted by This site is pretty secured and you can access it with your username and password. Please visit it often and update your Brother’s info!

As per TTP#94 : Quote: Because this Secretariat is in charge of a Chilean, it implies that Chile must assume the costs of the exercise and therefore SECOIN adopts the existing web with a new design, hosting and Big Hopper tried to log in, unsuccessfully. Please follow this blog for more info. Unquote

All comments are more than welcome! Especially updates on how to proceed in the future.