Pacific/South America/US East Coast Zoom Zaf

The New York Table has been enjoying Saturday night “Zoom Zafs” for several weeks now. Recently these Zafs were attended by guests from other U.S. tables. On May 3, the New York Table and Orza from the Chesapeake were thrilled to join New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and New Caledonia at 12:00 Sunday Canberra time – 22:00 Saturday EST.
Our Chilean engagé Andres proudly recited the Octalog in Spanish. ORZA!

September Winds

September news / Dorian damages in the Bahamas / Web site rehash

Hurricane Dorian shellacked the Bahamas. There are 16 Brothers out there and at least one Best Mate who owns a second residence there., “Per Save” is the Captain of the Bahamas table and his home apparently was destroyed along with much of the other island.  The Man O War island community after the destruction of Hurricane Dorian needs the generous outreach and support from all of our worldwide friends, colleagues, and families. 

The biggest and most immediate impact you can have right now to help rebuild the island infrastructure is through a monetary contribution to the PERC 501(c)(3) or GoFundMe accounts set up through this link: marked for the “Man-O-War Relief Fund”.

Josh Whetzel. (412) 952-3941

There are plenty of news available on Facebook at

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Marco from Chile visits New York

Marcos Apablaza, from the Nao Conception, Chile, visited Brothers in New York February 22nd while in the USA on vacation. Rising to the occasion, the NY Brothers organized a “Flash ZAF” at a Latin American restaurant in NYC for a wonderful “get acquainted” lunch. Afterwards NY Brother Jay (Squeegee) Howard, who has hung out (literally) on many landmark NY buildings, took us on an impromptu tour of Grand Central Station.

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Be sheer chance, Budweiser was hosting a new beverage roll-out party and not to turn down free drinks, we took advantage to show Marco a “only in NYC” moment, as captured in the video below:

Robert Coles, one of the more reserved NY Brothers, went “ball swimming” – check out the video! Only in NYC!

20th Anniversary Bavaria Table May 5th through 8th, 2016

German table burgees
German table burgees

Attached, the official invitation for in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Regensburg. Soon to be posted in the calendar…
This is in WORD format: please leave a comment if you need it in PDF.

Website News Nov 15

Through social media, we learned that Papy Jovial is sold. We now can officially wish Brise-Galets fair winds on his quest for a river boat and his subsequent European inland water explorations. Let’s also recognize and make good use of his work on the international roster: Have you updated your profile yet?

Brise-Galts post in FB and the BOCLIST login screen
Brise-Galets post in FB and the BOCLIST login screen

On this side of the Atlantic, we are working hard on BOCUS.ORG. Continue reading “Website News Nov 15”

NY252 in Papeete

To end a long delivery from Galapagos to Tahiti, NY brother Big Hopper was invited by the Tahiti table. Surprisingly, Fidget ( Steve Wolfson) and his captive from the Houston table were with them on their Hans Christian 48 “Li Ward”. The table reunites every Thurdsay evenings at the marina Taina à Punaauia.  Some of the brothers drove a very long way from the peninsula “Tahiti Iti” to join the welcoming party.

Tahiti-20150507_185927On the picture are standing Quille de Joie, Marcgyver, PaulSud, Big Hopper.
Sitting:  La Frégate, Fidjet, Cap Gibraltar.
Heavily involved in some sort of naval architecture topic were Archipel and PaulSud.

A Belgian in the Society Islands
A Belgian in the Society Islands ?

Corpus Christi Feb Boucan

As their vessels were on the hard for the winter months, the Brothers of the Corpus Christi table took time to bolster the armaments of the table.

Swords were purloined for every Brother in the table. Emblazoned on the swords is “Brotherhood of The Coast” on one side and the Brother’s nom de guerre with his flag number on the other.

The Brothers were presented with their swords at the February Boucan at Brother Knot head’s home.

Feb Boucan

For his lengthy (eight years and counting) and meritorious service, Table Captain Lost Louie was presented with a print “En Garde” by Albert Seidl, which was signed by all Brothers of the table. Feb Boucan

The February Boucan at Brother Knot head’s home.

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Cagliari – Swiss Lake Zaf

This promises to be a special event for any one who can get to Sardinia in May, 2015… JJ
I remind you that the end of the month is the last time for booking the V° International Zafarrancho of the Lakes in Cagliari – Sardinia May 1->3, 2015
Fraternally –


CN: Cesare Lucini Via San salvatore 6 6900 PARADISO (CH)
Tel. (+41 91) 993 34 20  Tel. Prof. (+41 91) 993 34 63 Mobile (+41 76) 393 34 63

Paris- Some souvenirs from the France’s ZAF – September 2014

It seems there is no official depository of photographs nor account of the formidable ZAF on the River Seine. However, these can be of some interest.
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Looks so official!
Looks so official!

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