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There is a new post about the last Zoom Zaf which took place with tables from South Pacific on Saturday Evening. All Brothers should have been notified by e-mail. If you did not receive any notification, please BigHopper .

                          What is the “Brotherhood of the Coast” ?
 We are a worldwide informal fraternity of some 3700 “lovers of the sea”, with a strong tradition and quite a bit of folklore that hides a very deep sense of duty and trustfulness towards each other.

In the United States, 270 brothers of 14 tables are reuniting  on a regular basis, usually every six weeks. Many of us are sailors, power yacht owners, long term cruisers, racers or just “former” seamen.
This website has been upgraded many times and is the result of a set of static pages that includes a set of “posts” “a la social networks” sauce. Look on the right, in the column, for latest blog articles, news, and upcoming events.

Worth noting as of July 1 2018,  our international international roster is now managed from Chile

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  1. just saw the recent post. i never received word it was out there. looks good but could be hard to find JJ

    1. I agree. Thank you for commenting. I did modify the front page, incorporating a link to the post. This should help. Thank you for the feedback !

      Bih Opper

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