Trailer trash in April and Captains meeting in June

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* Our Houston brother “Chaser” just posted a teaser invite for the Boom & BBQ Zaf in Houston Texas, July 21st– 23rd.
* Our national Captain “Orza” dispatches the last Tortuga Post (TTP87) in English language which describes the Mundial Zafarancho 2018.

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Michael Pranschke – Broomlip

Michael Pranschke has slipped his mooring and begun his final passage upon the eternal sea on Tuesday, November 22nd.

Mike left us unexpectedly this week after years of learning to live with serious medical conditions.  In addition to his other challenges, but unknown to Mike, he also had an advanced heart  problem.  Through it all, Mike maintained his sense of humor and positive outlook.  He worked on his many projects, and to Karen’s frustration, frequently acquired new ones.  He supported his local sailing club, went schooner racing every summer in Nova Scotia until he couldn’t, and set about restoring a vintage VW Beetle for Karen.  The Savannah Table depended on Brother “Broomlip” to manage our funds as Purser, and for a time he also took on the job of Scribe.  In recent years he applied his considerable expertise to boiling lobsters, making our fall Lobster Dinner the success it was.  Mike and Karen constantly opened their home to the Table.  The Savannah Table is blessed with a lot of heart, one of the biggest lived at 32 Brightwater Drive in Thunderbolt, Georgia.  He will be greatly missed.

Credit: Michael Pranschke – Fabebook page


John Byrne
Captain, Savannah

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Our friend and Brother Bob Hadley sailed to his next port.

Bob and Marge had several years of courageous battles with illness. Following are few thoughts prepared by Dan and Bonnie Sagan about Bob’s passing…..
We are saddened by the passing of brother Goofy, Bob Hadley and will miss him dearly. Before his health battles became a nearly full time effort, Captain Bob and his captive (Admiral) Marge,were active ambassadors of brotherhood in every sense of the word. They traveled to national and international Zafs on their own boat bottom, by air, auto and prairie schooner (R. V.) and made and kept friends from around the U.S. and around the world. Bob truly embraced International brotherhood. If all of his many friends could each give Bob one day, he would have lived to a hundred. He both gave and received a great deal of warmth.
Orza Bob.


Tybee Island Pictures, New York Engage

We are all relieved  Matthew did not cause too much damage to our coast. Many trees fell and major utilities are still not re-established.
Enjoy three new posts : Savannah pictures, New York FlashZaf and SagZaf…  You can now insert a comment on each individual image.
Reminder to all scribes: Big Hopper is available to hold your hand while  updating your table calendar!
Happy and safe Columbus Day!

Savannah: September 22, 2016

Savannah Zaf and Captains Meeting. Sorry for the delay: I included lots of pictures and gallery features which need to be tested. There are even animated GIF images and (very bad) videos. Feel free to add feedback at the bottom of this post!

American Legion – Registration
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Captain Meeting at the Savannah YC
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Islands evening
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Tybee beach: Bring your own Kite
( For the Geeks: Gallery in the Square Tiles format )

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Battle Dress Evening
Slide Show Format

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Breakfast at the Community Center



NY FlashZaf and new Engagé

Mindaugas and Dawn driving down – Engagé Paul Citarella and family sailing south.

Paul (Mindaugas) and wife Dawn are heading back to St Augustine, leaving their Malo 36 “Bubu” in Stanford. They plan to sail Nova Scotia next season. Sparks reunited us for a dinner d’adieu. We officially recited the Octolog and invited Paul Citarella as a new engagé.  Paul started sailing with his parents and sister when he was about 10 and has been an avid sailor since. He recently purchased a Leopard 38 sailing cat after selling his Jeanneau 36.  With his wife Alyssa, daughters Heather 10 and Katie 6,  they plan to live aboard, working their way down the east coast to Florida and then on to the Bahamas for the winter. They plan to sail up to the CT area during the summer to be with friends and family, then back to the Caribbean for the off season.


The Savannah Zafarrancho almost here! Head Count !

Zaf Reception and Dinner:
Tybee American Legion
The first event will take place on Thursday, September 22, beginning at 5:30PM at the Tybee Island American Legion Hall, Post 154. The location is 10 Veterans Drive, Tybee Island, Georgia 31328. We will have registration materials for you, and the Legion is putting on a Fried Shrimp Dinner. The bar is available to you. Dinner is served between 5:30 and 7:30PM or until they run out.

We would like to let the American Legion know how much food to prepare. If you will eat dinner with us, please email me at Soon would be appreciated!

Zaf Sunday Breakfast: The Farewell Breakfast will be held at the “Tybee Island Community Center” (aka “The Guard House”). The address is 31 Van Horn Avenue, Tybee Island, GA. Breakfast will be served from 9:00AM until Noon on Sunday.

Please let us know your breakfast plans for Sunday. Send an email to me at Soon would be appreciated!

New York in September

New York table SagZaf ( Week End in Sag Harbor )

Rob and holly in Oyster Bay
Rob and holly in Oyster Bay

As per their own account, Rob aka “Limey” and Holly Sanger’s trip to Long Island Sound has been fun and interesting. New York Table tried to organize a FlashZaf, but Neptune decided otherwise. They took “refuge” in Oyster Bay to sit out TS Hermine. They stripped off the jib, took off the dinghy outboard, tied down the main and mizzen sails and set two anchors, just in case. Big Hopper met them to share dinner but they were not be able to meet with the other Brothers since they have to sail south before Labor Day.

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The following Week End reunited nine brothers in Sag Harbor where Kathleen opened her summer house. On Saturday 10, we shared a hearty breakfast, and headed to town for the harbor fest. We visited the whalers museum, sailed the Typhoon 19′, navigated around Jessup Neck in the Chris Craft and gathered around the bond fire to cook marshmallows. Fun Week End!