Upload a New Publication

In the same style as the “How to Create a Post”, this  instructs on how to sequentially offer a choice of publication, especially the quarterly First Watch.

As a Powerpoint: publication-upload

As a PDF publication-upload

The easiest procedure is as follows:

  1. Locate the First Watch on your PC: it might appear as “BOC FW 2nd Qtr 2017 final.pdf”. Follow an easier pattern and rename it as “fw17-2q.pdf”
  2. In the Dashboard, Media,Add a file, Upload
  3. Click on this file and Edit. Change its name for something nice that will show in the sequenced listing, such as “First Watch 2nd Quarter 2017”
  4. Amend the Tag for “fw”
  5. Amend the category to “First Watch”
  6. Click on Update.
  7. Enjoy a Rum.

Here are some screen dumps:
This particular First Watch page lists all First-Watch*.pdf files, sequentially. WordPress sorts and presents all the files automatically. No need to code.EVER.publication2-page

The code written for this page is a bit… technical. NO WORRIES! This does not need to be changed EVER!
To add a new “First Watch” to the list, we’ll just upload the new issue of this publication.


We do not change anything to this page. We just RENAME the file using the well recognized pattern,  so that WorPress and its weird code will automatically sequence and add the new file in the long list of files. So, let’s not amend the Publication page, LEAVE the edit process of the page.  Let’s go to the MEDIA option on the Dashboard menu in order to upload the new publication.
A list of all media is shown, sequenced by date of most recent upload. We can filter the “First Watch” publications because we paid attention to amend the tag as “first-watch” and the category so that it includes “fw”.