The Savannah Zafarrancho almost here! Head Count !

Tybee – Thursday Eve: Send your had count!

Zaf Reception and Dinner:
Tybee American Legion
The first event will take place on Thursday, September 22, beginning at 5:30PM at the Tybee Island American Legion Hall, Post 154. The location is 10 Veterans Drive, Tybee Island, Georgia 31328. We will have registration materials for you, and the Legion is putting on a Fried Shrimp Dinner. The bar is available to you. Dinner is served between 5:30 and 7:30PM or until they run out.

We would like to let the American Legion know how much food to prepare. If you will eat dinner with us, please email me at Soon would be appreciated!

Zaf Sunday Breakfast: The Farewell Breakfast will be held at the “Tybee Island Community Center” (aka “The Guard House”). The address is 31 Van Horn Avenue, Tybee Island, GA. Breakfast will be served from 9:00AM until Noon on Sunday.

Please let us know your breakfast plans for Sunday. Send an email to me at Soon would be appreciated!

Tybee BYOK

Reminder from John Byrne: in the announcement for the Savannah Zaf, the Kite Flying event will happen on Saturday afternoon. We will not be able to supply kites for those who are interested, hence a “BYOK” event. It should be fun. You probably won’t want to spend time at Walmart or similar.  Check Amazon, LL Bean a shop in NYC that specializes…don’t forget the string and something to wind it around.
NLDR: Trying to make your own ?

As per Joe Citarella, there is one grocery store on Tybee that is somewhat of a ripoff (very small and expensive) – for those of you planning to eat in sometimes (eg, for breakfast, maybe grilling for dinner?), there are major chain stores about 15 minutes from Tybee – Publix is close and there is a farm stand worth looking at. Also AJ’s Dockside is all location and just OK on food (ate there) – there are better choices.
The day of the Captain’s Meeting would be a good one to explore Savannah – the River Walk is worth seeing – parking is tight so you will have to pay, although as we are there off-season it might not be too bad.

Polish Brother’s Visit and News from Traveling U.S. Brothers.

Greenwich Mid Week Zaf While the sun rays of summer painted our wake gold and spread silver glitter on the waves, the New York table held a mid-week Zaf in Greenwich, CT.  Twenty four attendees made this an almost record turnout. Nice way to welcome special Polish guests Jerzy Demetraki-Pleolog (Flag #28) and his shipmate Anna. Sparks will drive them down south for multiple visits including the Solomons table. Stay tuned; this blog will follow their journey.
It was also with great pleasure that we “reconnected” with Mindaugas  (Paul and Dawn Gudelis) who sailed their Malo 36 “Bubu” to St. Augustine, the Bahamas, Cuba and back to Stamford.

Let’s take this opportunity to highlight Preston ans Sherry’s Great Loop voyage on their new powercat… They blog on


Updated HELP page

An updated HELP to Post

The HELP page is available in the top menu. Written for each table’s scribe and website updater, it should remain a static page. But the “announcement” here created is basically a post. Be sure to visit this page as Big Hopper will give a brief presentation about the web site at the Tybee Zaf’s Captains meeting. Scribes are wholeheartedly invited to attend.

A Scribe at his PC
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This post was concurrently created with the Help page itself. There is a PowerPoint presentation “bocus-intro.ppt” we have uploaded and linked to. An Acrobat file is available at bocus-intro.pdf

A separate procedure is coming soon, for easy upload of Tortuga Posts and First Watches, as these documents are presented as a sequentially dated multi-choice list.

Annapolis, Tybee Island and the 2016 BOCUS Guide

  •  Patrick reiterate the invitation to the Sailing Capital Annapolis August BOUCAN BOIL. ( See Calendar of Events ). Further info in the last First Watch. There is a limited number of bunks available. The table will arrange slips as necessary.  Respond by email or phone.
  • Download Schedule of Events at Tybee
  • Third Quarter 2016 First Watch is published and uploaded.
  • BOC Guide revised 2012 version was uploaded







Tybee Island, Georgia Sept.22

Savannah Capt Meeting and Zaf: Sept 22

Tybee Island Lite shrine Club
Tybee Island Lite shrine Club

Attached is the formal Announcement and Invitation to the 2016 Savannah Zafarrancho and Captains Meeting.  Included is a brief description of the planned events and the places where they will be held.  The last page shows the “fee to attend” and where to send it, and there is a “form” that will help with tracking people down should that be necessary.
The Savannah Table very much looks forward to entertaining you and the members of your Tables who are able to attend.   Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you or your Table members.

Savannah-Capt-Meeting2016 – as Word Document



Pirogue (aka John Byrne)

NY Zaf: Andrej is back from the Horn

It went so fast! On March 13, the Bienkowski hosted their “Farewell Zaf to Andrej”  before he embarked on a round the Cape Horn sailing trip.

P1020101One can say “It’s old news…”. Let’s not denigrate such an accomplishment.  Detroit of Magellan is not an easy cruise and remains an important passage in any sailor’s life.

On April 5, I already received the first picture from Andrea with the message “He Is Back! ”

Andrej proudly displaying his BOC burgee
Andrej proudly displaying his BOC burgee

We had to wait until Rascal’s Zaf on May 21 to hear more of his adventure.

The 53′ steel sloop Andrej joined is skipped by a young Dutch professional captain assisted by a young crew. A team of eight participated  to the trip, three of them young women. Most of the watches were shared between the yacht’s crew, Andrej and the other Brother of the Coast … ???
Some of the pictures show that the boats are now way better equipped than Moitessier’s Joshua or Slocum’s Spindrift! Rigid cockpit canopies are standard. Hydraulic winches are at the ready. Storm stay sails, heavy duty furlers are the rule. And when they anchor, they do not even check the depth. an all chain tackle is set. All of it !
The yacht encountered 54 knots winds, thankfully enabling a somewhat comfortable running route.

jungle-jane-1996-burrgee jungle-jane-1996-station


Jungle Jane to comment: I found these photos from my  2 trips to Cape Horn, two from the circumnavigation of South America in 1996, the other of the ramp going up from a trip to Antarctica, in 1999. Is the Brotherhood flag still there?It is an exciting place to visit. Well done. Jane

For to go out cruisin’ round Cape Horn …

Andrej – NY#28 to Cape Horn…

Andrej Bienkowski – NY38 is a darn interesting Brother! It helps that he and his lovely Irene are throwing great Zafs such as the late brunch we shared this Sunday. We also enjoyed the healthy presence of “Rascal” who brilliantly went through a successful hip surgery process.
We all visited Andrej’s collection of Polish sabers, swords, stylets and cutlasses. We smelled his newly acquired “camphor wood” treasure chest. We looked at historical photographs of when he was boarded and “welcomed” by the US Coasts guards. This was when with four comrades,he had built a steel ketch and jumped the “liquid” iron curtain to escape socialist Poland.
We dug hard into his reserve of Vodka. And we raised a series of Orza’s to wish him fair winds and safe passage. Next Friday, Andrej is flying to Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. He will board a yawl to sail a double rounding of the Cape Horn. This seems to be a tradition and a “Rite od Passage” for our Polish friends. Among us was Andrej Gruszka who also had accomplished this feat a couple of years ago. We certainly will follow Andrej’s adventures in close to real time. We’ll try post AIS positions and maybe to relay some e-mail news!

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Sailing Capital Table is Operational !!!

After 12 minutes of phone call, Sailing Capital has managed to post its own entry.

We are up & running
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